Das Labs Bucked Up Pre-Workout Blue Raz (30 Servings)




BUCKED UP® was developed with one purpose in mind- to take your workouts to the next level and to be the best possible pre workout on the market. Loaded with scientifically backed ingredients, at clinically effective dosages, Bucked Up® is a game-changer. Bucked Up® doesn’t use proprietary blends. We have nothing to hide. You won’t find ineffective doses of any ingredients in Bucked Up® because we know that you don’t want to pay for a supplement that isn’t going to work. Bucked Up® is effective for serious athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone else looking for pump, focus, energy, and growth. Bucked Up® contains three growth hormone potentiates, to help enhance your workout. Approximately 200mg caffeine per serving. CREATINE FREE

Citrulline – 6g to maximize blood flow (nitric oxide booster) *
Actigin® – Increase VO2 MAX & boost athletic performance [1]
Deer Antler Velvet – Rich in IGF-1 & IGF-2 *
Alphasize® – A growth hormone potentiate clinically shown to sharpen mental focus [2]
Astragin® – Clinically shown to increase citrulline absorption [3]
Beta-Alanine – Promotes strength, endurance, & muscle growth *


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